vs. meat


This year we hosted Food Art Week Berlin’s exhibition entitled ‘vs. meat’ and with that also were tasked to devise some theme-appropriate dishes. The most fun was a ‘fake meat’ carved from slowly dehydrated watermelon. The fleshy, chewy texture was a dead-ringer for real meat and a dash of sea salt lent it a savoury quality that (almost) tempted us to give up meat permanently. Oh and check out that layer of “fat”!




Off to Italy for a few days. Yeah, yeah, pizza’s great. Italy, the food, I know. But I’m quite sure after a few days I’ll be desperate for the flavor diversity of HaHa’s lunch. Arrivederci!

Peruvian-style Causa

Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a satisfying, filling meal that’s also cooling in summer. Sure, all those leafy salads and gazpachos are great, but sometimes they leave you hungering for a mid-afternoon snack only a couple hours later. Solution: Causa. This layered Peruvian dish uses cold mashed potates as a base, with chicken (you can also use fish), loads of lime and fresh herbs, plus slices of avocado. We added some smoky roasted pimento on top plus some pickled red onion.