mediterranean breakfast plate


They came in shorts- and raincoat-clad droves for brunch, unsure of what to expect from the day. One thing was certain: the clear star of the day was the mediterranean breakfast plate. A swoosh of hummus, a shower of pickled beets, stuffed baby bell peppers, marinated cauliflower, and a dash of yogurt sauce were all brought into unison by what else, but a poached egg.



…with spinach, chard, ricotta and lemon parmesan béchamel. These Italian-style savoury crepes did the trick of reconciling our Spring-like aspirations for green with the wintery reality that keeps on telling us to just eat heavy things. (Yes, like béchamel.) Onward!

smoked labneh, roasted purple carrots, mung beans


We not only made labneh for the first time today, but we also smoked  labneh for the first time. Over a tin of earl grey looseleaf tea set on the grill. It worked like a charm. The result was subtle and the possibilities are now endless. We scooped it over velvety roasted purple carrots and two kinds of beans (mung and broad) and served it with some crispy seeded flatbreads. The little blossom you see comes from the ramps that are in season now in Germany. The stalk and flower tasted delightfully garlicky, but without any lingering garlic breath!

sourdough french toast with strawberries

It looks like Spring, it sounds like Spring and it smells like Spring, but it damn well doesn’t feel like Spring. At least here in Berlin. In defiance of the bone-numbing temperatures and intermittent hail (yes, hail) showers, we gave you today an homage to the season that could have been. French toast from oversized Sironi sourdough loaves, graced with mascarpone, pistachios, maple syrup and some of those elusive strawberries.