Peruvian-style Causa

Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with a satisfying, filling meal that’s also cooling in summer. Sure, all those leafy salads and gazpachos are great, but sometimes they leave you hungering for a mid-afternoon snack only a couple hours later. Solution: Causa. This layered Peruvian dish uses cold mashed potates as a base, with chicken (you can also use fish), loads of lime and fresh herbs, plus slices of avocado. We added some smoky roasted pimento on top plus some pickled red onion.

for the love of fish


Why must it be that tuna and mayonnaise form such a lecherous partnership? This week we’ve used tuna in various forms and iterations, including a mayonnaise-slicked, anchovy-spiked mash on baguettes. My favorite though was this classic Salade Niçoise, made with lemony flash-fried tuna steaks. The crunch of the salad with charred green beans was a clever antidote to both the meaty fish and creamy dressing. Inspiring salty musings of the French seaside…

blue corn tortillas with smoky beef

IMG_4920 copy

A couple months back we bought our kitchen an exciting little present: a tortilla press. It’s not the fanciest on the market, but it does the trick of squeezing springy balls of blue corn masa into thin discs of deliciousness. When those warm blue-grey tortillas are topped with smoky pulled beef, grilled bell pepper and chiles, fresh tomatillo sauce and cilantro (oh, and a fried egg, naturally), the present has officially earned its permanent spot on the kitchen shelf.